SHINE is an international community of Higher Education experts who are collaborating to create practical know-how about scaling innovation capacity in Higher Education.

There are four areas of investigation, or conversations, related to Students, Startups, Society and Staff:

  1. Students - how to scale up the number of students who are educated about the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. Startups - how to scale up the number of startups that are supported from planning, through launch and on to long-term sustainability
  3. Society - how to scale up the number of partnerships that generate societal benefits (cultural, economic, environmental and social)
  4. Staff - how to scale up the number of staff in HE that are engaged in the organisational transformation that will create and sustain a more entrepreneurial HE culture

There is a great range of innovative and entrepreneurial activity by European HEIs. However, these opportunities are often only available to a small percentage of the total number of students, academics and societal stakeholders.

If Higher Education Institutions can scale up their innovation and entrepreneurship capacity then they will be able to create greater impact (economic, social and cultural) in the towns, cities, regions and countries in which they are located, and in turn this will benefit Europe as a whole.

The SHINE Project aims to co-create solutions that will overcome the common barriers to scaling up the innovation capacity of Higher Education Institutions. We will do this by sharing our expertise with each other and by building long-term strategic partnerships which align with European economic, social and cultural policies.

The SHINE Project is open to all members of Higher Education Institutions who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

We invite you to get involved and become a member of the SHINE Project. We recognise that people are busy, so we work to ensure that membership is productive and not burdensome. Partners from anywhere in the world are welcome.

To go the SHINE Project website and enrol as a member of the Project click on the [SHINE button] at the top of this page.