Showcasing Partnerships

There is much that any individual person or organisation can achieve working by themselves.

But to really scale up, to reach many more people, to achieve a significant impact, it is necessary to collaborate with others.

Each person, team or organisation brings their own "piece of the puzzle" through their experience, talents, resources and people.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network is committed to collaborating with partners that share our commitment to promoting the entrepreneurial mindset, so as to help people to make their unique contribution to the world, and create economic, social and cultural value.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

In June 2022, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory, a dedicated and passionate team working towards development and promotion of social entrepreneurship as a concept to contribute to achieving social change.

The two organisations have agreed to engage inactivities for sharing information, experience and knowledge related to development and promotion of a conducive environment for the application of the entrepreneurial mindset in social entrepreneurship.