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It's a pleasure to share Volume 5 Number 3 of the eZINE of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. In this edition, we have 9 articles divided into 3 categories covering the use of the entrepreneurial mindset in business, education and society.

I offer my thanks and congratulations to the authors for taking the time to share their inspiring stories from Australia, France, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Serbia, Scotland and the USA.

In the article summaries shown below, click on the country flag  to go directly to the full article. 

I hope you enjoy the eZINE.  Please contact me with your feedback and to discuss submitting

your own article to a future edition in 2023.

Paul Coyle

Director, Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, November 2022.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Business

Robots and jobs - how to be prepared for the future?

Jelena Lukić Nikolić discusses the future of work from a technological perspective and considers the advantages and disadvantages of robots in the work place.

coping with uncertainty in entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every business

Marcela Fang explains how every business can benefit from using the entrepreneurial mindset, seeing opportunities even in periods of chaos and uncertainty.

lessons for social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and family business in India

Nandini Varshney shares her personal experience of family business in India and describes how her research into this topic is creating new insights.

how research supports small business

The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Education

The value of necessity entrepreneurship 

Christel Tessier-Dargent examines the  scope and meaning of necessity entrepreneurship, and reflects on the business competencies PhD students develop in their education.

achieving work life balance

An unconventional guide to personal finance

Jay Fulgencio shares his experience of devising a personal finance curriculum for students and considers which is best: classroom training or e-learning.

towards the entrepreneurial society

The entrepreneurial university: processes & principles

Robert Crammond explores the importance of organisational culture and stakeholder partnerships in the process of universities becoming more entrepreneurial.

how entrepreneurship can change lives

The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Society

Research, innovation and community development 

Jonas Villas explains how research and innovation respond to the needs of society in the Philippines, and are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

achieving work life balance

Empowering young people to be leaders of social change

Nicole Amey explains how her school helps students to build their ambitions to be future social entrepreneurs and community leaders.

towards the entrepreneurial society

International partnerships and sustainability

Ravi Bhandari explores the importance of the entrepreneurial mindset and international partnerships to rural enterprise, sustainability & the circular economy.

how entrepreneurship can change lives

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We welcome articles, on any topic related to the entrepreneurial mindset, and concerning the practical use of the mindset in business, education and society.  You can check out the typical content and style of articles by reading our latest and past editions. The typical word length is somewhere between 400 and 800 words.

To discuss an idea for a topic, to get advice about preparing a draft, to receive questions if you would prefer to be interviewed, or to submit your draft article for review and feedback, simply send an email to the editor paul.coyle@entrepreneurial-mindset.network

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xCHANGE 3 Student Entrepreneurs

Bob Bastian, Cyron Chan and Hala Barakat

Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries Michelle Philips

10 actions to sustain and scale organisational capacity

Paul Coyle

Social Entrepreneurs Fighting Climate Change

Luka Minić

xCHANGE4 The Future of Work

Danie Jacobs, Sherisa Rajah Baird and Stacey J Young

eZINE Volume 4 Issue No2

xCHANGE 1 Mindset Fundamentals

Roberto Brambilla, Zohra Omar and Neil Bowie

Refugee Entrepreneurship

Kristina Vayda

Meeting Entrepreneurs Where They Are

Stacey J Young

xCHANGE2 Entrepreneurial Employees

Susan Foley, Mart Kikas and Chris Friedl

The Essence of Acadustry

Nadiir Beekhun

eZINE Volume 4 Issue No1

Instilling a Winning Mindset in the Young

Danie Jacobs

The Journey of the Entrepreneurial University

Eleanor Shaw

Why the Entrepreneurial Mindset is More Important Than Ever in Higher Education

Paul Coyle

Europe Needs More Intrapreneurship

Mart Kikas

Anatolian Valley: New Entrepreneurship Zone

Selahattin Ciritci

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